FROMM new strapping dispenser HAJ13

FROMM has launched the new strapping dispenser for Super Jumbo Coils HAJ13.
In combination with our reliable strapping polyester heads MH550, MH600, MH610 and MH611 this is the best application for heavy duty industry, high and fast production as wood, lumber, brick& block, tomato, steel and aluminum coils/profiles.

The strap remains on the transport pallet and placed onto a turntable that then feeds the strap to the strapping machines as needed. In addition to this the strapping coils are placed a distance from the strapping station, so a special because chute design is used to move and protect that strap over the distance.The system requires virtually no human interaction and alarms are in place to indicate when the strap coils need to be changed.

HAJ13 drastically reduce downtime for coils replacement and no efforts for operators.

Also available in stand-alone version to replace your small and old dispenser.

  • can allow up to 7 Jumbo Coils or 3 Super Jumbo Coils
  • easy, safe and fast strap coils loading time with forklift (no crane or special device)
  • the strap loading time in the machine (less strap waste due to less strap threading/ feeding)
  • the material waste due to less cardboard cores


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SJC dispenser HAJ13