MH150 – Head for Steel Strap

MH150 Strapping



Weight: 200 kg / 400 lbs :: 300 kg / 660 lbs
Height: 851mm / 33.5″
Width: 680 mm / 26.7″
Depth: 549 mm / 21.6″
Strap feeding speed: 0,6-1m/s/1.9-3.2 feet/sec :: 0,7-1 m/s /2.2-3.9 feet/sec
Air Consumption: 50 NLt/cycle :: 80 NLt/cycle
Electrical data Motor: 208/480 Volt; 1ph/3ph; 50-60Hz; 1,5 kW :: 2,2 kW
Strap: 19mm Steel strap ND-HT :: 32mm Steel strap ND-HT
Strap Thickness: 0.63-0.9mm :: 0.8-1mm
Push Type Seats: 45x22mm :: 45x35mm / 70 pieces/each


  • Head movement by steering wheel to the best position / External floating device
  • Vertical or horizontal sword, fix or moving machine, with top and or side press, telescopic arc
  • Device to place bunks and or corners on top/bottom/sides positions


  • Heavy strong construction
  • High reliability 98%
  • The perfect double notch joint of the tool A482 (A483) guarantees 75% of the tensile strength of the steel strap (similar to 80% reached with 3 punches but a lot higher then 55% with 2 punches necessary for small packs/coils)
  • All current steel straps can be used with elongation from 600-1100N/mm2 / 87000-160000psi or galvanised
    Packs can be dirty or with grease (no problems like with welding joints)
  • Using seals available in the market (competitors ask for their own seal)
  • The strap is tensioned through a profiled tension wheel, driven by motor-gear frequency controlled, adjustment by pneumatic clutch with manometer
  • No tension released (not necessary an opposite joint or the Microlock joint)
  • Min. parcel width is 80mm (90mm for 32mm) with hard package, the min coil diam. is approx. 400mm.
  • Small hexagonal tubes with 85mm side
  • Strapping line asymmetric for slit coils: radial strap through the eye for coils with ext. diameter 700-800mm
  • Circumferential strap for coils with ext. diameter aprox.400mm
  • Strap feed and retract speed is frequency controlled and therefore adjustable
  • Low wearing material; wearing parts in contact with the seal are made for A482 (A483) so available in stock
  • Mechanical switch/sensor to detect the parcel
  • Std Vertical installation including an head stroke to strap packs with similar packs (in a range of 50mm)
  • Option lateral installation to strap packs with Hmin=350mm with strap line at 300mm
  • Option horizontal installation to strap packs with Hmin=200mm with strap line at 150mm

Specifications Sheet

Item No. Model Strap Widths Strap Thickness Electric Supply
15.1510 MH150 19mm / 3/4″ 0.64-0.9mm / .025″-.035″ 400V/50Hz/3ph
15.1510-US MH150 19mm / 3/4″ 0.64-0.9mm / .025″-.035″ 400V/50Hz/3ph
15.1530 MH150 32mm / 1 1/4″ 0.64-1mm / .025″-.039″ 400V/50Hz/3ph
15.1530-US MH150 32mm / 1 1/4″ 0.64-1mm / .025″-.039″ 400V/50Hz/3ph

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