Strapping Machines for Brick, Block,Concrete, and Paver

Brick Block Strapping Machines

Brick and Block Strapping Machines

FROMM Packaging Systems offers all types of strapping machines for building industry whicj include brick,block,paver and concrete.

FROMM develops and produces a wide variety of systems for unitizing and palletizing goods for transport using PET or steel strap.

Each system is customized, meeting the exact packaging requirements for the respective industry and application.

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  • Combination between horizontal and vertical strap.
  • Heavy duty heads for strap up to 1 ¼”.
  • Internal cleaning kit to remove every cycle debris, dust and increase lifetime of wear parts.
  • 15 seconds cycle time per strapping (depending parcel dimension).
  • Up to 16 different strapping programs.
  • Super Jumbo dispenser for up to three coils 660lbs/each to reduce downtime.
  • Possibility to use different type of PLC and HMI between all major producers.

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