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FROMM Packaging Strapping Systems for the Lumber Industry consists of heavy duty machinery. Our equipment covers all packaging solutions for forestry market (timber, playwood, MDF, HDF, chiboard etc), as a strong lumber press up to 22.000lbs, or as just a side strapping machines for panel.

All machines can be equipped with top to bottom bearers, or top to bottom corner protectors. Our best strength is the use of Pick & Place device to place the bearers instead the old gravity design.

In this way no friction is allowed and just one bearer at the time will be pushed into the machine with no mechanical issues, motor overload and more speed control.

FROMM Engineering Departments can help you design the best and most reliable system for every packaging solution.

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  • 6000lbs, 11000lbs or 22.000lb pressing
  • Heavy duty heads for strap up to 1 ¼”
  • Pick&Place bunks feeder instead classic one, NO gravity friction during feeding that is one of the biggest causes of downtime and expensive maintenance
  • About 300 bunks allowed in two or more separate cages
  • Telescopic arch
  • Top or bottom corner protectors
  • Internal cleaning kit to remove every cycle debris, dust and increase lifetime of wear parts
  • 20-25 seconds cycle time per strapping (depending parcel dimension)
  • Super Jumbo dispenser for up to three coils 660lbs/each to reduce downtime
  • Possibility to use different type of PLC and HMI between all major producers.

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