OMC-VO – High loads

Automatic Strapping Machines for High Loads

FROMM Packaging Systems produces a large range of reliable strapping machines with the competence to develop and manufacture turnkey systems for all tubes and pipes industries.

FROMM is working with all main OEM to offer you the best application for your needs.

OMC-VO Series

With OMC-VO stretch wrapping machine it is also possible to make elastic band instead of conventional strapping. In this case the stack or bundle will remain stiff during whole transport cycle. The width and strength of the band is chosen according the product. Biggest advantages are gained especially with light or uneven shaped products, where straps would need corner protection or would loosen otherwise, Bands can be wrapped horizontally or vertically and the machine can be equipped with bottom runner application. Also cross bands are possible, if the product is turned in process.

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